US Coast Guard

Stick around and watch this great documentary footage of the US Coast Guard in action.

S.R.F. Wagyu Hot Dogs


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Aug 4th

Celebrate The U.S. Coast Guard Birthday With Seafood Specials

This day in 1790 our country decided that our coastal water needed the protection of brave men and women. Today we celebrate all the heroes who have saved lives in the seas that feed us by offering coastal fares.


Aug 19th

Celebrate National Aviation Day With Chicken And Turkey Meal Ideas

Of course The Flying Butcher celebrates National Aviation Day. It's a day to reflect on the wonderful achievements in flying since the days of the Wright Brothers. What better way to do that than with food from The Flying Butcher?


Sep 18th

Give Thanks To Our Service Members On The Air Force Birthday

The Air Force was born in 1947, long before the Flying Butcher took off. To celebrate the day we're offering grill specials perfect for the end of summer. Check out our selection of fall flavor.


Oct 3rd

On Child Health Day Have A Healthy Dinner With The Family

We created the Flying Butcher so adults and children alike could eat healthier. We consistently deliver fresher, better tasting, and healthier meats. Stop by and treat your kids to something healthy.